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Environmental Policy

Maruia River Lodge care about the impact we have on our environment and the greater ecosystem.

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Maruia River Lodge
State Highway 65, Shenandoah
Murchison, New Zealand

p. +64 3 523 9323  f. +64 3 523 9515

Environmental Policy


Maruia River Lodge care about the impact we have on our environment and the greater Ecosystem. We think about the legacy we will leave our children and those that follow after us.
To lessen the impact we invariably leave on our surroundings – regardless of our good intentions – we have implemented ways to minimise energy use, waste and pollutants created by use of the Lodge. 




Where possible we have replaced incandescent bulbs with energy saving, low-wattage compact fluorescent bulbs and gradually phasing out halogen down lights in preference for LED bulbs.  Motion sensors and timers are used at night and in low traffic areas.

Hot Water

We have replaced our old electric hot water cylinders with instantaneous LPG Gas hot water systems.


A feasability study is currently underway for a micro hydroelectric system – to be installed on a creek running through the property.  It is our great hope that the installation of this system will allow Maruia River Lodge to be almost entirely ‘Green Powered’ and self sufficient.  We will keep you updated via our website



Kitchen waste is composted or used in our Can-O-Worms worm farm.  Garden cuttings and lawn clippings are mulched and returned to garden beds.  We take recyclable materials and other waste to the Murchison Refuse Facility.

Linen & Towels

Maruia River Lodge has adopted the ‘Guests Choice’ approach to daily servicing of bed linen and bath towels.  To help reduce countless litres of water and kilograms of washing detergents which pass into the environment each year, we allow guests to choose whether to re-use their towels and have bed linen changed less often.  We endeavour to wash all our laundry in cold water with the minimum of powders or sanitisers.  To further reduce our need for hot water wash cycles & powder whiteners (even the eco friendly products).


Luxurious Room Amenities

We now source our gorgeous room amenities from the awesome Jeymar Soap & Body, located in the Wairau valley, Marlborough New Zealand, just an hour and a half from the Maruia River Lodge. Jeymar's products have developed a massive following and guests now order their products from all around the World. Their soaps contain 100% natural ingredients and  are free of parabens, SLS, artificial fragrances or colours, animal ingredients nor are they tested in any way on animals. You will just love the May Chang fragrance we have selected from Jeymar's range. See Jeymar's products online at .

Cleaning Products

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and chosen for their minimal impact on the environment, multiple purposes and ease of use.  The majority are sourced from the Eco Store (, a New Zealand-owned and operated Company.  We order these products in bulk to reduce the carbon footprint caused by more frequent deliveries – especially important as Maruia River Lodge is 34 kilometers from the nearest town.

Fresh Produce

We are in the process of resurrecting a long-neglected greenhouse on the property.  It’s a labour of love, with the aim of producing our own fresh, spray-free tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, leafy greens and herbs.

Local Suppliers

In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, Maruia River Lodge sources many of our ingredients from local suppliers in the Maruia Valley and Murchison District.  Other ingredients are sourced from New Zealand-owned companies & farms providing the very best-quality products; grown in central and northern parts of the South Island.